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one of my clients fell thru and I am experiencing for the first time the uncertainty of freelance life. I'm a little stressed right now...I know I don't need to be and that such is life and to just keep the hustle running through the veins...don't make rash decisions just bc you feel temporarily threatened and scared by the specter of instability  ... you chose this path for a reason and it's already given you so much, don't fall back to seeking a stable job just yet - there are pros and cons to both ways, but you've been fucking free the past 3 months and have grown so much --- don't forget that. don't forget that. just hustle, set up more meetings, life isn't supposed to be easy - good things don't always come easy - the fight is worth it --- blah blah blah--- blah blah--- relax , don't let greed or pride delude you, 6 months ago you were alone in Boston with no idea what you were going to do with your life; you hit rock bottom; you didn't see any light; now you're independent and impassioned by art and life and your soul is on fire and you are tazmanian devil speeding thru an entirely new life and you're doing just fine- you haven't hit a bump, you've just slowed from flooring it to a brief neutral forward moving coast. 160...120...100...80...70...65...65... the speed limit pedestrian coast, no one brakes at 65...find the next opening and get back up to the blurred triples please. And come on don't do it for the money. it's not all about the money...don't be fooled by greed...remember you've chosen this life so you can be free. free to be a full time dreamer and part time worker, full time artist and part time mercenary... you did this so you can have fuckkng time and space for meaning - not extra $$. discovering new meaning and relationships and experiences and memories, these are the death bed metrics for success. don't be another one of those poor souls who plows through life hunting happiness in the form of "more". it's not about more for the sake of more - you know this. die as someone with love in your heart. die with love in the heart. nothing else matters and you know it. die knowing you gave someone love in their heart too. die smiling