I got to hang out with Charlotte and Ben

we talked about the experience of knowing someone's soul . 

we watched videos of the sun in 4K

we browsed NASAs website

we cooked red curry with so much spinach it was basically all spinach 

we made a goat cheese chocolate soufflé with coconut flakes and ice cream

we drank a bottle of wine that Ben and his French as fuck dad hand picked 

we kicked a soccer ball down grant st 

we moved my car

we complained about the cold but then embraced it

we noticed the sky was pink

we pondered the thought of continually moving west

we learned about how insane ghengis khan was  

we talked about how we were too young to truly comprehend how much of a disaster Katrina was

we ate dinner sitting on the kitchen floor coz I don't have a dining table or a dining room

we discussed robes

we got confused trying to explain the theory of relativity to ourselves

we got a happy hippo magnet in the mail

we talked about our respective heart aches

we thought about Puerto Rico  

we are all sleeping now and it's cold but the heater is on and I have a cup of hot tea and I'm tapping away on the screen and I