I ate really good ramen at some japanese word + the word  beyond


and then I went to a Happ yHour and saw all these faces I haven't seen in a long time.


And I saw Luanna there

and we talked about what music we've been listening to

and she told me about her commute everyday

and how she gets on the BART @ 7:00AM from Oakland all the way to Redwood City

and how there aren't any seats coz its so packed for the first 30 min

and how she stands and holds onto one of the aluminum bars and listens to music

and i asked her what she's been listening to on repeat

and she told me she's been into this song called Gold by someone named Kiiara

and I told her about how i've just been listening to someone named Kelela all week


and she took out her phone and searched it up and saved it into her spotify and followed her 

and that was a moment of kindred music souls

and i forgot how much i love and respect this chick with all my heart

because she's a beam of orange light

like the orange light in that painting in Slaughter-House Five

like that field of green with a band of unwavering orange light

so beautiful because it doesn't exist - this painting doesn't exist

it just lives through words and imaginary imagery on some unimportant page in a very important book


i remember the first day we introduced ourselves we all needed to tell a story and she told us the story of her driving through the streets of Ferguson, Missouri (where she's from) during all that crazy shit that was going on this year being scared for her life because she was black and a cop was following her and she started crying during that story - and i Remember that she was the only real person in that room that day.


but she's still a band of orange light despite all that bullshit

living breathing proof of the  beautiful hustle



im going to read another murakami soon

i ache for the crisp cold air

and aomame staring at the moon

i talked to andy about murakami today

he told me the one i've read is far from the best

but all the other worlds are just as crisp and lucid and clear

and how kafka on the shore changed his life

and i remember how 1q84 changed my life

and i want to read a story that takes me out of reality

and lets me imagine as far as i can

and i want to feel like im in love vicariously

you know?


im reading this book by henry kissinger called world order

and this guy is legit so fucking smart

and i can learn about the world through history

but when i read it

i reread the same page

charlemagne, charles v, protestantism, thirty years war, repeat


my hearts not interested in the facts right now

i want magic and romance

thats the way

never felt more alive in my fuckin life



always be in love

always let yourself be in love

thats the way



real dreamers are a rare breed