I got new vision today.  

Peering through green tinted lenses and silver on the sides, clear framed with molten seaweed on the tips

keen silver dollar eucalyptus sights

ive never seen the world thru green plastic emerald glass before...

I feel the new spirits nearby

Under twin murakami moonlight

I feel hints of the magical surrealist fever stirring the fog and incinerating the air...

it's good to be North and it's good to be Home 

and breathe in the vapor cool thin mist

i feel alive

with silver blood

golden tree sap in my veins

tomorrow I'm going to stare straight into the sun

until I light my soul on fire 

but this time blind and dazzled

by neon sun spots and burned retinas


Fuckin fire.

Everythings on fire but this time it's beyond white,

it's green and silver and gold and invisible to the eye

and everything burns hot and pure and clean  

and at 10,000 degrees

fuck yes


feels good to fucking see