just started. It is 6:53AM and I'm lying on my right arm putting it to sleep. My cheek is mashed into the pillow, the light coming through the blinds are a gentle blue。 The kind of blue that isn't trying to wake me up. It's more like a timid "excuse me". The sky politely peeking through into my life as a distant whisper on its way, molasses style, photons streaming at light speed but somehow it's slow. I had a wonderful dream last night. All I remember is that I had a giant construction machine crane bulldozer thing and A house I could do anything with. I tore into its roof and moved parts of the floor to create forts here and concrete bathtubs there. It was every boys dream come true. I dreamed that a dream came true!!!! The former half involved me in a ski lodge throwing balls out the window. That was fun, but that's about as much description needed. There was something magical too but I don't remember.



Hmm Hmm Hmm. 

Wind Tunnel Blues. 



I love you.