naked, with one of my pillows knocked on the floor, to the light streaming in through the blinds angled at 60 degrees. I stood up and wriggled my toes in the carpet, took a deep breath, and left-foot first stumbled, tripped, and caught myself on the door handle, span sharply to the right, arm flailed out with fingers searching for the next surface, stop, drop, and rolled into the kitchen, downward dog into sun stanced in front of the coffee grinder, blinked twice, squatted, stretched out hot dog style tippie toes , pressed that lever that makes the water in the cup boil nice and bubbly, exhaled three, ground the beans, ran water over the origami paper plane, high fives all around. 5 min out of bed and shoes on, chugged the coffee, burned the throat, shirt on inside out. backwards too. 100m dash out the door, down the fire escape, into the basement only to realize i left my car on the street, ran up stairs, out into the tree filled courtyard, hopscotched the last 50 steps in front of a construction worker on his cellular phone, started the engine, recited Tale of Two Cities, sped onto the freeway, MarioKart red shelled the fuck out of that bro in the Tacoma, vroom vroom, punk ass bitch driving. got to my sisters, punched in that super secret code, ducked under the door hoping today wasn't the day garage doors fail, jumped in my old car, gripped the steering wheel remembering why this one is the one and only, leather smell, the little button that makes the side mirror ears bend down bloodhound pup-style, what was the point of this? I saw a dog named Frosty today by the way. I had a staring contest with it as I walked down this deadend suburban rode. and then right when it passed me it jumped out all aggressively. I laughed. Coz it was just way too tiny. Like no way it could've done anything to me. Funny dog. Ran 0.8 miles up a trail to get to that single tree out there over there a little to the right under the clear blue sky. Rose over the crest, Pacific Ocean as far as the eye could see. I turned around , remembered the map, sent you those snappy snaps, remembered it said WW2 Bunker , couldn't see it from my pin, did that whole one hand on hip the other shielding the sun from the eyes, couldn't see it with my own two blind bat impressionist orbs that one can barely call eyes. Started walking, felt my phone ring a ding ding, sister calling, says head over to Alemany now - dad wants to get lunch and talk to me about that whole investment thing with Jyve --- But the bunk- errrr okay I'm on my way. Walk , briskly, jogging, running, sprinting, panting, slowing, relaxing --/ in the car vroom vroom fast forward , parking, sexting, saw Su Ping, hugged, she told me to contact Ernest, I have his # already, Trip to San Diego probably right, Noriega street, banh cuon, restaurant closed on Thursdays, went to Chinese Waike"""le for the first time since I was maybe 12, memories, so many nostalgic, they still wear the dress up black suits there, the bread is the same, sugar and butter for days baby, there's more, but you're sending me snaps and I can't wait to open it and ---