I spent the whole day slowly packing the remainder of my things and I drove down to my new apartment and set up the speakers in the living room floor and unpacked my life. I skipped lunch because I was so excited, I got dizzy from how hungry I got - but whatever. I stood in the kitchen looking out into the living room space imagining the next 6 months of my life. Silver, Green, & Gold. It's all I can really see now. It's everywhere. New royal emerald and brass blood. I thought about you. I thought about how alive you still make me feel. In a way that resonates in soundwaves and airwaves very deeply. The light that comes into my apartment is soft and white. The floors are a dark and textured beautifully. I began imagining the space. I got to be architect in my brain. I realized how much joy I take out of crafting my universe my way. Down to every little detail. God is in the details.