we walked up to a man on the beach who was flying a model plane in the sky. He had a huge remote controller. He wore a beret and sunglasses and had a beard. He was a jazz cat. He landed his plane to switch out the battery and we talked to him for a good while. He said he's been flying these things for over 12 years now. He said he is a professional drummer. That he grew up in the sunset on Noriega and 42nd and comes out here a couple times a week when the air is good and flies his planes. He said he actually feels like he's flying when he flies the little plane with his joystick controller. He said it's a really high concentration thing coz you have to inverse all the directions when you fly it towards you. The plane was made of styrofoam. I asked him what kind of drummer he was. He said jazz. I smiled and said back "so do you play on a minimalist kit?" He smiled back and goes "ah! so you know!" and I was like "I love jazz drums" and he said "I'm glad you listen to 'real' music...yah I just got a simple pared down kit, no crash, I play with two rides" and he extended his hand to me and I shook it and I laughed. He told me how he just comes out here and does what he loves and how he's lucky that a lot of the beach goers are chill with him flying planes. He told me the wind was coming from the east . He told me that when its warmer you can really feel the plane get kicked around up there . I never got his name, but we thanked him and wished him a nice day and We kicked my ball back up the beach for another hour while the sun was out and it was just a great day