I drove to the ocean and circled back around, up the coast, through the Presidio, with windows down, and 42 degree salted air pouring into my lungs and skirting across my unblinking eyes while I warmed my fingertips against the AC. I listened to underwater luminant melodies, songs swirled from slow-motion silver molasses mixtures that bend the llight-rays and vectors into two degree smiles. The last time I took this route was when the foreign man from Italy was here.  I drove him to the ocean on this road heading in the other direction. Today I drove the reverse - straight down the other side and it felt like I was opening my mind and eating all of the past and tucking it back into my soul's pockets. To retrace one's steps. To open the mind's banks and flood oneself with distant hazy Lo-Fi memories. What is pilgrimage?