I had a wonderful day.

I woke up really early, and made my coffee, and laughed at Evan listening to Missy Elliot first thing in the morning while spraying chemicals into his hair, and thought about what happens if you breathe too much of that stuff in - but he doesn't care.

And I got in my car and we worked a new place today, it was a Peet's Coffee on Chestnut Street. I parked in a spot I've never parked before. I walked in a part of SF I never really knew existed. It was pleasant. It felt strangely like Burlingame Avenue. The sun was out, the sky was crystal clear. No one was in the streets. I like Peet's alot better than the Cafe Illy @ the Equinox. Something about the Equinox scares me. It's like a club for superhumans. Peet's has characters that feel like they were pulled out of a United Airlines video or the New Yorker magazine. 

Work was chill today. I am starting to understand Chris a little more. He's a nice dude. He's down to earth. He always asks me how my day was yesterday, or what I did this weekend. He likes to connect with me like a normal person. I feel like that doesn't happen so much to me anymore. Maybe that's something I should start doing more actively. The irrelevant chatter. The nonsense kickin the can. You know, <be more normal> (lol). 

And then, 

I drove on the 101 towards the Golden Gate Bridge, and no one was on the freeway. And I listened to that Syd tha Kid song over and over super loud. And I parked at Ocean Beach and sat on the sidewalk waiting for Julienne for a while. I watched an old Chinese woman cross the street in the distance. It was uneventful, I just watched her cross the street. 

Julienne arrived. We stopped at the highway to wait for the white light man in the black box to turn on and tell us to go. And when we got to the other side, I stood on concrete manhole cover as I always do and took my shoes and socks off and picked them up and started kicking the ball up the hill. Julienne brought a blanket, it was a nice blanket. She ate a sandwich while I dug a crater that was shaped like the ball so the ball wouldn't roll away. And we watched a crow walk by that had its feathers all agitated and it looked like a velociraptor and both of us were awe-struck by how fucking scary it looked. And a dog came and smelled the ball and tried to grab it with its mouth but it was too big for its mouth but it was dumb and tried anyways, but whatever, KUDOS for effort dawg.

We talked about career crap. And life crap. and planning crap. and expectations and wants crap. and priorities crap. and love crap. and happiness crap. and challenge crap. and change crap. and it was all good crap. 

Crap crap crap.

Poop poop poop.

And she finished her sandwich and I ate one of the milano mint cookies she had brought, and I stood up and asked her if it was time to kick the ball and she said yes. And I told her its better to take your shoes off so you can feel the water when the waves come up higher. And she was like nah. So Julienne spent the whole day at the beach with a jacket and pants and running shoes and socks on. And it bothered me because like, why would you wear shoes at the beach. Whatever. Subjectivity or whatever right. 

I laid on the blanket and stared up at the sky and there weren't any clouds today. Julienne had to leave. I said bye. I walked to a cafe and ordered Mac and Cheese. The woman at the register was quite pretty and very kind and when I asked if they had hot cider she said no, but the place down the street did. But I was like nah, I'll just have water. And I sat at a table in the corner and hit my keyboard for about 20 min until my remaining work was done.

And then

Sigh I'm tired.

I had a great day. I'm feeling weirdly lonely right now though. But it's okay. Such is life. Moods change and stuff, it's normal. Today was good. Today was like breathing when you don't think about it.