I drove to Ocean Beach again and brought my soccer ball and Charlotte and I ran around and kicked it back and forth on the sand and stood in the water and we talked about I don't really remember and I've been nerding out over how many steps I take everyday and usually I take 8000 a day, but yesterday I took over 18,000 - fuck yeah - but now my feet hurt.

And then we came home and we all hung out in the kitchen and we made pasta and another souffle and this time it was better and then I laid in my bed while Ben sat at my desk and showed us videos that try to explain quantum physics and we talked about Mormons and Charlotte prompted Fuck Marry Kill with Stalin, Genghis Khan, and Hitler; Alicia Keys, Kelela, and Tink, etc. 

And I woke up and now I'm about to go play tennis on Russian Hill with some dude who said he was rated a 5.0 in high school and I'm going to get my ass kicked - maybe.

Life feels weirdly fun again

I feel like its college again, us three hanging out - we're only missing Dylan now. Need him to come back from NZ. I think life will be another animal if we're all together again