was all about smiles and laughter and cleverness and fun and deepening all the right wrinkles of the face


i met two new people this morning but then after that l spent most of the day alone


i took three walks today


i walked to my favorite pasta shop and bought mushrooms and fettuccine and the lady remembered I get the Parmesan cheese on the side.


I walked to the top of the hill and spotted a woman sitting by herself on the roof leaning against the chimney with sunglasses on sitting cross legged tilting her head up to the sun  . 


i walked in circles around the tenderloin and saw a drug bust and a slouchy dude dropped his cigarette and it landed under my foot and I smeared it across the sidewalk and put it out and a man in a sleeping bag sang something endearingly awful and a woman dressed in black and white stripes and heels bumped into a guy and they glanced at each other threateningly and parted ways  


I finally had a conversation with My uncle Tai's girlfriend Sammy and we talked about Vietnam and we talked about her family and how she knows Cantonese and we talked about the school she went to to learn how to do a nail salon and how she has 48 reviews on Yelp and has 5 stars and I have mad respect for this woman and she's got the hustle in her blood and how she's 36 but at 32 decided to pack everything she had and knew into some bags that have wheels and fly away to another country and start from scratch and my god life is a ride