I woke up because my feet escaped the blanket last night and the cold air bit me and I rolled over and saw that I had forgotten my cup of tea, and the water had turned black, and I moved my arm behind my back until I found my phone, and I turned it on and I watched the video of a white ball floating up and falling down and last night it made me sad but today it made me think of, well, nothing. The light outside is white right now. My speakers are on, but nothing is playing now - I can only hear quiet static. Oh, but I remembered Videotape. Radiohead's Videotape. Most beautiful song ever. A musical stranger friend from Italy messaged me this morning on Facebook and linked me to an album that I've been eager to find a copy of for months. I said thank you. He gave me a thumbs up. Life is really cool. An astrological stranger took over my friend's keyboard last night and talked to me about the planets and their characteristics. Nevermind, I won't go there. Some Murakami-level trippy shit. That's all I'll say.