Who are these transhumanists?

Who are we to change the world?

To surpass the mind and the body?

We are not gods.

I'm fucking around with colors and fonts to market designer drugs that fuck with our homeostatic systems because its consumers wish to surpass the natural order and fuel themselves with chemicals to the next phase. 

But maybe I'm being too harsh.

Someone's gonna do it anyway. Someone's gonna push the envelope of our species to the brink of its capacity. It's scary. It's terrifying. Hubris brings out of the beast, and the intellectual elite are a class that has not been checked by reality. They wish to escape reality, to operate beyond the humility of boundaries.

We are not gods.

But maybe my mom is right, maybe I just think too much.

But still, something about this doesn't feel quite right. 

But at the same time its a career chess move that may prove to be very rewarding.


Maybe I can be the mole.

Maybe I can be the deviant from within the machine.

Persuade the captain to steer the ship straight and true.

To keep his eyes away from the leviathans of greed.


What the fuck am I even talking about? How am I better than any of these people?

This is where greyness sucks.

Indecision is the achilles' heel.

I just need to bite the bullet and pick something and run and don't look back and keep my heart good and open and true.




EDIT: But it's damn fun...