My sister called me this morning and told me that someone broke into our store last night. They cut the power lines and went for the safe and knocked it over, and stole hella bottles of Hennessey on their way out. We are all sitting in the office watching security camera footage watching these shadows with flashlights trying to pry open the door. They have a lookout, they get spooked by a truck that pulls in. 


I spent the whole day playing detective and went through all the cameras to stitch together the timeline. It was three big dudes, one in a trench coat holding a shovel and a bag, another in a Texas Rangers hoodie holding a 12" knife.  


My dad was so chill throughout it all. He just stood there and smiled and laughed about it all with his friends and the managers, and we cleaned up the things that got knocked over, and turned the power back on, and picked up the fish off the floor that had jumped out of their tanks, and one packet of instant noodle got knocked over somehow, and we told the customers waiting outside we just lost power, and opened it all back up again, and the Christmas music came back on, and my dad ordered phun mein from TK Noodle, and life goes on.