A female figure wearing a XXL white T & a welder's mask (hair in a bun) & thick steel band bracelets

(position: centered)

in a white room

+ effect: edgeless

+ effect: shadowless


A threedimensional (X Y Z) grid of translucent fishwire stretched taut, 12" interval spacing


Option 1 (mechanical / cold): Brass nails, nickel lugnuts and screws, aluminum rods & black washers (AMERICANA materials set) tied & suspended at each X Y Z intersection node

Option 2 (passion / vibrant / red): Red blossom leaves from EBF tied & suspended at each X Y Z intersection node.

Option 3 (serene): use the eucalyptus leaves, round / silver dollar . . .



Prompt figure to slowly begin a choreographed dance (see Phoenix)

arms, legs and body will inevitably push against or pull on the taut wires and the field of objects suspended in space will bend, lift, and move 1:1 relation to the body's movements. 

+ note all wires need to be held in tension but also have enough slack (perhaps pulley system) to give at least 1' of movement.

+consider this not as a continuous capture of one full period of motion, but a montage of many quick bursts of motion. See chinese military spear training manual from singapore for inspiration for movements. maybe a staff actually would be sick... Anyways, scene 1 = Figure stands at origin 0,0,0. one stroke, field is disturbed and objects are gathered in a certain pattern according to the movement. CUT. scene 2 = revert back to 0,0,0, figure does another motion, and a different gathering pattern is created. Stitch scenes together, repeat. 


Still + Video Capture with 6 cameras positioned at all orthogonal locations (Front, Back, Top, Below, Left, Right)


Boost exposure and eliminate any indication of wires


Playback all 6 videos simultaneously in 2x3 grid

Slow motion?

Slow motion.