I walked three miles to Lafayette park and saw plenty of nice trees.

I watched two pals playing tennis.

I watched the sun set for a little bit, but there was a real hilarious dog shaped like an unwashed mop from at least the 1970s that waddled by. It was hella funny.

I met up with this girl I barely knew from college who reached out to me for no reason last week and said "I remember you, let's hang out"

We went to some surreal party.

I met a guy who rappelled into a volcano in South America and filmed it all with a drone.

I met some guy who runs a moving company with a real great cartoon cow for a mascot.

I met a Russian singer who sounds like she's straight out of a Bond movie.

I met an older snarky British man who I grew to admire greatly. 

I asked him about motorcycles. He knew his shit. We bonded over having speed demon blood.

I asked him about where he's lived. He told me England, Tokyo, NYC, LA, and now SF.

I asked him how old he was when he left England.

He said 26 and he's never looked back.

I took a moment to process that and really felt happy because this man had one of those faces where you can see wrinkles on his face from prolonged smiles. He was a happy dude. He's lived a life and he's still going.

He told me his wife is currently in the Amazon and works for the World Health Organization and has no cell reception and got dropped off there three days ago via helicopter.

He told me he works for a gaming company that makes that ridiculous Kim Kardashian game for the iPhone.

We lolled over that.

For a really long time.

Today was full of new experiences.

Daily life goal met.

Today was full of new people. They were interesting, but loved the smell of their own story and their shit. They aren't evil or bad people, but they were not humble. These are people to dance with carefully.

Except the old British man.

He was great.