I woke up to the sound of my parents' voices coming from down the hall. My mom must have heard me rustle in the sheets. She came into my room and turned on the lights and blinded me. She told me to take some more Tylenol. And asked if I was hungry. What time is it? 6:00AM. Oh. I'm not hungry, I'll just take the Tylenol. Do you still have a fever? 10 second beep beep beep 101.2. Yes. Hmm okay. Here, eat this bread. It is sweet bread. Ok. She went and filled up one of those plastic sacks with cold water and I plopped it on my face. I laid there on my back, sweating profusely, remembering all the other times I was sick and my parents took care of me. Weird. I'm 24 and today I feel like I'm 12 again