URX is a San Francisco-based company that uses mobile deep linking technology to directly link related content or services between apps.  Or in slightly less opaque terms, URX is a company that offers businesses a little packet of code that allows paying advertisers to embed links to their own apps into other people's apps. URX's success is thus dependent on increasing the # of times a user clicks on one of these links and is sent to a paid advertiser's product.



The founders @ URX asked my team to test three of their existing products and provide design recommendations that might improve user engagement and satisfaction. As project lead, I coordinated a team of product designers at Tradecraft to conduct randomly sampled usability testing on URX's existing implementations, analyze user-feedback to identify areas of frustration, and suggest design modifications that help optimize the # of successful deep-links. 

Roger led a large team of TradeCraft designers helping URX uncover immensely valuable insights about it’s users. Following these research sprints Roger demonstrated an excellent ability to distill down the most important feedback into action items and presented his own UI/UX improvements to our team. I would definitely work with Roger again!
— Nathanael Smith, Co-founder and Creative Director @URX.

Project Story & Process


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