I designed an internal WEB admin portal for Sipree, a SaaS-based payment service platform for Global 2000 and Government customers. Clients use the Sipree payments portal to  push payments through a complex pipeline of requests, reviews, and authorizations, a process that traditionally takes several weeks to months to complete.  My job was to design a simple and fool-proof product experience that implements the necessary blocks, status changes, and authorizations between multiple user groups to ensure payments are successfully and securely delivered. 



Roger was a key contributor for a 8 week project on a payments portal. Our project had a hefty set of requirements that Roger was able to apply deep analytical skills, ask the right questions, and deliver a set of high fidelity wireframes ahead of schedule. We went through several iterations and Roger worked through all the edge cases to define an MVP solution. The TradeCraft team went above and beyond.”
— Ramon Qiu, Product Manager @ Sipree

Project Story & Process


1. Diagrammatically map our client's existing payment process, which involves manual signatures, scanning, and snail-mail exchange of paperwork. We spent two weeks interviewing employees and gathering materials to properly identifying who signs off what, where, and when. We created a chronological timeline and flow chart to visualize the process, and cut out inefficiencies or unnecessary complexities from the user experience. 

2. Design a hi-fidelity Web interface that allows three unique user types to manage their payments (input and edit data, push or pause payments within the pipeline, and notify one another of status changes).

User (DY)

The (DY) can:

  • Review payments
  • Confirm payments
  • Cancel payments



User (PI)

The (PI) can:

  • Login with unique credentials
  • View all active payments in the pipeline via a dashboard
  • Create a new payment
  • Add / remove payments to a 'batch'
  • Cancel a 'batch'
  • Request payment
  • Remind (DY) to review a payment
  • Submit batches to User (CO)



User (CO)

The (CO) can:

  • Login with unique credentials
  • Certify a batch
  • Generate reports
  • Deny a batch and request (PI) review and pause the pipeline